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Forms - Chile

1. Manifest Correction

It is used for manifest cargo correction after custom submission that must be processed by ONE, whether is a direct or by a Freight Forwarder party. It must be print out all sheets from the file, which is 3 ORIGINALS and 5 copies.

2. Letter of Responsibility

Authorization document with covers the reception, data accuracy and warehouse manifest processing in front of Local Custom as per Freight Forwarder or NVOCC request.


3. Letter of temperature 

To be provided to ONE where the shipper clearly specifies formal temperature settings. This information content is absolutely shipper responsibility.


4. Shipping Instruction Form

Shipping instructions should be sent out to ONE through our ecommerce applications web page ( ONE also can accept other platforms as EDI, Inttra, GT Nexus and Cargo Smart. The carrier will be only responsible to input rates, port details and transport type (the vessel). The remain information will be exclusively customer responsibility.

5. BL Release / Print Form

Mandatory form to be provided at ONE counter for the Original / Copy BL print process. This document must be stamped and signed by the customer or their cargo representative. There will be no exception if such document is not provided to the carrier.


6.Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form

Standard form that shipper must provide for dangerous cargo loading. The information provided in this form is absolutely shipper responsibility and will not in any circumstances modified by the carrier. It is compulsory that such document includes shipper signature and the representative and / or declarant.


7. Correction Request


8. Warehouse Change Letter


9. Transhipment Certificate


10. Letter of indemnity (Equipment)


11.  BL Release in Blank (Remote Print)


12. Additional Seal Request Procedure for Ocean Network Express Line (ONE LINE)


13.  Extra Seal Responsibility Letter (ONE Chile)


 14. Temperature Instructions, Tolerance Range

Blank Sailing LATAM
Revisa la información relacionada al Blank Sailing en nuestros Servicios Latin America West Coast en las semanas del mes de junio.

Estimado Cliente,       

Por medio de la presente y junto con saludar, nos dirigimos a Ud. con el fin de entregarle una importante información referente a Blank Sailing en nuestros Servicios Latin America West Coast en las semanas del mes de junio.

Como fue informado previamente, producto de decisiones comerciales, los blank sailing de los servicios AX1 y AX2 afectarán los embarques de LATAM de acuerdo con lo siguiente:

  • SERVICIO AX2 - ETA Manzanillo
  • 2 de Jun SEMANA 23
  • 23 de Jun SEMANA 26
  • SERVICIO AX1 – ETA Manzanillo
  • 8 de Jun SEMANA 24
  • 29 de Jun SEMANA 27

Las cargas que se encontraban programadas para ser embarcadas en las naves antes mencionadas deberán ser programadas para embarcar en las siguientes naves de nuestros servicios AX1 y AX2, respectivamente. 

Desde ya agradecemos su comprensión y agradecemos pueda distribuir esta importante información a quienes estime conveniente y ante cualquier consulta, no dude en contactar a su ejecutivo de Customer Service asignado.



Ocean Network Express